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Pastor Britannia "Tan" Flournoy

Welcome Home

We are delighted that you have chosen to worship with us. We are committed to relevant, practical, Biblical teaching geared towards providing resolutions conducive to transforming lives, thereby providing wholeness to a lost world. Our aspiration is to provide an atmosphere where people can freely worship Jesus Christ, become empowered through the Word of God and experience authentic change. Our focus is anchored in transforming lives through Jesus Christ. With all of life’s challenges, everyone deserves a change. As Christ came to bring abundant life to those eager and willing to receive, we believe lives, can be transformed by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. You deserve a new beginning, and there is no place to begin a new, like Divine House of Praise.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Divine House of Praise Church is to “Reach, teach and restore the lost, through the power of Jesus Christ, one family at a time.”

Vision of Success

“Disciplining and transforming believers into Kingdom builders.” This vision is the sustaining power of our core values and provides the passion that shapes our desires of reaching and transforming lives, spiritually, socially and economically.

Core Values

It is believed that “if an organization possesses a “strong culture” by exhibiting a well-integrated and effective set of specific values, beliefs, and behavior patterns, it will perform at a higher level of productivity. The core values of Divine House of Praise define the ministry’s personality and helps steer the ministry’s values.

These guiding virtues include: Integrity, Accountability, Reliability, Fellowship, Stewardship, all encompassed in a Spirit of excellence for Christ, which establishes the driving force behind DHOP’s philosophy.

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